Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The last post!

Hello, guys!! It feels amazing for me to come up here again to write something as you guys know my last post was more than half a year ago hahaha but this time, it's so different cause this is gonna be my last time writing here...!

So I've been thinking so long if to officially shutting down my blog but I know that I'll be happy with my decision so I decided to make it happen.

This blog is like my baby. I started blogging back in 2011 for fun, just out of interest and to jot down the little bits and pieces in life and even nonsense ranting here. I enjoyed writing, editing photos and posting them up here as my daily diary. But in 2013, I was so lucky I started to get engaged with some agencies and started receiving advertorials for my blog. Slowly, this blog has become a career for me and being a blogger has become my job. I started to get invited to events in Pg and KL, being involved in a lot of blogging activities, food reviews, products reviews etc. Sometimes I get paid doing all these and this blog has become a commercial blog. I no longer had time to write about my personal things and when there were a lot of readers reading my blog, it should be a good thing that my stats were high but in the mean time I felt insecure to reveal too much of my personal life... I started to feel a bit odd doing this and last year, I started toning down blogging.

Blogging wasn't easy. It was a tough, yet fun journey for me. Tough, cause every single word you type, you have to be very careful about it especially on writing adverts, cause you gotta meet the adverts due and its always very rush, cause sometimes when there's nothing in your head but you still have to squeeze out something, cause photo editing takes a lot of time, cause socializing at the events is not easy, cause sometimes being in this industry you'll meet some fake people. Fun, cause through blogging I've learnt a lot of lessons, I've got the chance to try out some of the best foods in Malaysia, got invited to exclusive events only for the media and most importantly, I've met a lot of people through blogging and even became friends with some of the Penang bloggers and they've taught me a lot of things.

Well, I understand that every industry has its own pros and cons and you gotta put effort to get your returns. I believe that only bloggers will understand the sad truth is that sometimes being at our positions it's hard to just do whatever you want to do, sometimes you've to take care of your own image and your blog's image. Thus, I just couldn't be my ownself it's sucha shame. Well whether to officially quit blogging or not, this question has been in my mind for so long already, but I feel very happy to get out of this industry and not to be involved in some rumors and bullshits. So, I'm glad with my own decisions.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of you especially my readers who have been contributing a lot to my stats. Thanks to all my friends who have been so supportive through out my whole entire blogging journey and kept encouraging me with kind words when I was down. Thanks to all the merchants esp. hotels in Penang that have been giving me a lot of chances to work with ya'll. Til now I'm still receiving job invitations every week so merchants if you're reading this, please don't send me emails anymore thank you for being so kind! I'm very comfortable with my not-so-high-profile life now and I'll be continue living this way.

Marking a beautiful fullstop here for Thank you everyone, have a great great year ahead, may God bless you! :)